How much do you know about Gravity Falls?

There are so many people who absolutely LOVE gravity falls but few who in which Gravity Falls loves back. If you know that you love something, set it free, if it loves you, it will come back.

Do you love Gravity Falls? Does Gravity Falls love you back though? If you would like to find out, set it free, if it comes back then you know Gravity Falls loves you if it doesn't well, oh well sucks to be you.

Created by: ladymabelton

  1. Does Grunkle Stan have any tattoos?
  2. Has Gravity Falls ever played sonic music?
  3. Has Dipper ALMOST died?
  4. Are any of the games in the arcade similar to today's games?
  5. Is Dipper's real name:Tyrone?
  6. Does anyone's outfit ever change?
  7. Is the scene where Mabel picks the grappling hook in "tourist trapped" a play from anything?
  8. did clones 3 and 4 from "Double Dipper" ever return?
  9. Is the episode "The Hand that Rocks Mabel" a play off of any movie?
  10. is the pop sensation BABBA based on anyone?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Gravity Falls?