Who are you from Gravity Falls?

Do you like Gravity Falls? Well, here’s a quiz to see who you are most like! Soos, Mabel, Dipper, or Stan, you are going to like this quiz! I know what we’re gonna do tod- oops, wrong show!

Gnomes, lil Gideon, Bill Cipher, or old man McGucket, you can name everyone in the series! Well, probably not that one gnome... Who was he again? Hah!

Created by: Lunar Ocean
  1. First- why are you taking this quiz?
  2. Who is your favorite character?
  3. You are surrounded by Pterodactyls, and you can use only 1 object to save yourself. Which one do you choose?
  4. Favorite article of clothing?
  5. What is your prized possession?
  6. Worst enemy?
  7. Best friend?
  8. What is the best thing about Gravity Falls?
  9. Least favorite quality?
  10. Are you ready to see the results?

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Quiz topic: Who am I from Gravity Falls?