The Geography Quiz

This quiz is to decide wheter or not you guys are good enough at geography, whilst some get complete failures, others get huge success after this, this quiz is only for fun but still it is a good revision tool and helps with anything you need to do with geography. (Contains a lot about countries as it is my experties) Warning: may contain strong results at the end.

Do you think you can beat the quiz? Do you think you can beat me at my own game, do you think you can get 100%? DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE THE BRAIN POWER TO DEFEAT GEOGRAPHY ITSELF? Well if so come now and we can find out if you can beat the ultimate quiz. As many tries as you desire, but you will never get 100% first time >:)

Created by: Europenumber1
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  1. What is the capital of france?
  2. How many countries are there in Europe?
  3. What countries are bordered to Andorra?
  4. Which 5 countries are in South America?
  5. Which country is in the continet Australazia?
  6. Which country is the most in debt?
  7. Which country is nearest Saudi Arabia?
  8. Which country is real and sounds most like a bird?
  9. How many countries are there in the world now? (2014)
  10. Which Country is real?

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