The Gaming Quiz

What gaming device is right for you? An Xbox One? Playstation 4? Who knows, take this quiz and find out what gaming device fits your needs and will satisfy you the most.

Discover what gaming device is best for you. It might not be the device you think is best or the one you already own. Test your curiosity and take this quiz to discover the right gaming device for you!

Created by: Jarrett

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  1. Do Graphics Matter?
  2. Where do you prefer to play video games?
  3. When purchasing a gaming device, does price matter to you?
  4. Do you enjoy backwards compatibility and being able to play your old games and new games all on one device?
  5. What is your ideal screen size to game on?
  6. Would you like to be able to play games at true 4k resolution?
  7. Do you mind paying to play online and access internet features on your gaming device?
  8. Which of these games interest you the most?
  9. Would you rather play online with your friends or locally?
  10. Do you buy a game when it first comes out or wait for it to drop in price first?
  11. Would you enjoy being able to use your gaming device for other tasks, like Video chatting, internet browsing, writing documents, or listening to music?
  12. If you could download something to make a games graphics significantly better, would you?
  13. What is your ideal framrate when playing games?
  14. If you could use multiple screens for a super wide field of view, would you?

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