The Funny Quiz#totes not*yes it is*

I am sorry if my judgment of your sense of humour was wrong but it's because I have a finely tuned sandpaper dry sense of humour so I am accustomed to that.

Anyway, this quiz judges your way of making jokes-yes I'm judgemental sorry- and I do hope you enjoy the quiz! Will you have a changed self perception or will you escape bubble intact

Created by: Rubidium de Catcooll

  1. Tell me a joke, I will like it any way you put it!
  2. Somebody at work has broken their arm-your response?
  3. You are at a joke convention-where there are you?
  4. A fight breaks out- how do you respond?
  5. You have fallen out with your friends-response?
  6. Ok nearly at the end- how are you feeling?
  7. You meet Donald Trump-response?
  8. I'm tired gimme a pillow
  9. Last question or is it?
  10. Woohoo actually the last question

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