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Would you like a nice unusual challenge with loads of unconventional humour in it? If you're like me then this is the quiz for you. My type of jokes might be unique and nobody might of invented them before. If you're both a weird academic and a fan of comedians as well then you should do well at this quiz.

The questions in this quiz are all quite peculiar. To give you a general non-academic clue: Don't look beyond the obvious. However, there is also some bizarre weird academic humour in my quiz as well. Here it is. You might remember it for the rest of your life. Good luck.

Created by: mathemania

  1. When does the time march on?
  2. What substance did Noah mix up in the ark?
  3. You planted some bulbs in your garden. Why didn't they produce any flowers?
  4. Someone wrote a science fiction story about the planets of our solar system. On which planet were there juniper trees?
  5. Which planet of the Solar System contains a word that has relevance to an occupation that the astronomer who discovered the previous planet had?
  6. A school teacher wrote a symbol on one of his pupil's homework assignments to indicate that it was O.K. By coincidence the symbol written by the school teacher looked like the hands of a clock showing the time of day that the pupil's homework was marked. What time was it when the pupil had his homework marked?
  7. Which one of the following items describes what imitation flowers are comparable to?
  8. "Stop matey", said a line to a curve. "My kryptic anagram is who I am." What is my name?
  9. What is usually the date when a watch that shows the date displays the same thing as a watch without the date?
  10. If your IQ looks like a binary number that what should you be capable of doing?

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