The Fantasies of Pokemon Quiz

FOP has been around for a while now, with only a bit of fun and surprises, so I, Red530, have created this quiz for my visitors to take. I hope you enjoy it enough to tell me you want more quizzes. ^_^

This is especially directed to the visitors that come along to FOP frequently and read what's on the site. So if you are not a frequent visitor, I suggest you not waste your time, or you can make a fool of yourself. =P

Created by: Red530
  1. How long has FOP been around?
  2. What did Red use to learn his first HTML skills?
  3. What was the name of Red's first Harry Potter fan site?
  4. The first host Red used was....
  5. Red created a fan fiction site that lasted only one chapter, so what was its name? (The name is also the world the fan fiction took place in.)
  6. What host does Red use now?
  7. How old is Red?
  8. What is FOP's newest affiliate?
  9. Where does FOP get most of its images?
  10. How does Red act when it comes to The Unpredictable Forums, FOP's official forum?
  11. Where has FOP recently gotten its news bulletins on Pokemon?
  12. This test was created on...

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