Pokemon or NOT-choice is yours

There are so many pokemon. Pokemon are sometimes rare.A pokemon? A pokemon is a creature that can be a trainers best one to fight or to be in a contest, or hang around with.

Are you a fan of pokemon? Do you have the pokemon power? Find out today!This will tell you a pokemon know it all or shudder to all! I hope you will agree with me on pokemon!

Created by: Jessica
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  1. Name the three pokemon of the lakes on pokemon diamond.
  2. Which pokemon is in diamond version of pokemon?
  3. Whick town/city do you start out in in pokemon diamond and pearl?
  4. In the new series of pokemon diamond and pearl wcich starter does Dawn start out with?
  5. Name the three girls Ash has traveled with or will travel with. No order nesacary
  6. Do you love i mean love pokemon!?!?
  7. How many pokemon games do you own?
  8. How many pokemon plushies do you own?
  9. Which starter pokemon would you choose?
  10. Do you often visit www.pokemon.com?

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