The Family Guy Quiz

There are many people that watch Family Guy When it comes on at 11:00 to 12:00 on adult swim Mondays through Thursday! But there are only a handfull of true Rocket Scientists when it comes to it!

So are you a Rocket Scientist when it comes to family guy! Take this quit to see!!! In a Few minuets after you take this quiz you will find out!iT IS A VERY KOOL QUIZ AND YOU NEED TO TAKE IT!

Created by: Josh

  1. What is Peter's Wifes name?
  2. What is peter's kids names?
  3. What is peter's Black Friends name?
  4. What is Peter's Sex Addicted Friends name?
  5. Is Peter Griffin Real?
  6. What is Peter's Catch Phrase?
  7. Which President did Peter hang with?
  8. Is Meg 18?
  9. Who did Peters Wife Cheat on him With?
  10. Who did Peter (Almost) Cheat Back with?

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