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This is a quiz about Family Guy and could you be a Family Guy Fan/Genius. These questions are about Quagmire, Peter, Joe, Cleveland, Brian, Lois and her Father, Mort, Stewie, R2D2 and Herbert.

Are you smart enough to take and successfully complete this Family Guy Fan quiz if you are you are in for a surprise if you watch the show all the time you'll ace it.

Created by: Clayton Henderson
  1. What is Stewie's middle name?
  2. What is Lois' Dad's name?
  3. What country was Peter originally born in ?
  4. What is in Chris' closet?
  5. In Blue Harvest what does R2D2 say when he Blows up a ship?
  6. Who is the creator of Family Guy?
  7. The old man named Herbert is a what?
  8. What Religion is Mort Goldman?
  9. What car does Brian drive?
  10. What State does the Griffin's live in?
  11. What is Stewie's Bear's name?
  12. What street do the Griffin's live on?
  13. Who are The Griffin's two neighbours?
  14. What is the bar where Joe,Quagmire,Peter and Cleveland drink at?
  15. What is Quagmire's occupation?

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