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Henry Danger is a funny Nickelodeon show who has the most amazing creator of them all, Dan Schneider. Henry Danger is about a regular school boy who wants an after school job.

He gets an after school job except he becomes a Superheroes Sidekick and gets too busy because he has to deal with his family, school and his new job.

Created by: Alicia

  1. In the first ever episode of Henry Danger but which super hero does he become a Sidekick to?
  2. Henry has a younger sister but what is her name?
  3. Piper wants to become the president of a fan club about Captain Man and Kid Danger but what is the fan club called ?
  4. In season three Piper stars in a commercial but which one does she star in ?
  5. Also in Season three they go up to space but what do they have to Rescue in space
  6. Who used to be Captain Mans Sidekick
  7. What new superpower does henry develop in Season three but then loses in Season four
  8. In the "Danger and Thunder" Special who helps captain Man and Kid Danger battle the toddler
  9. Which one of the is NOT a Frittle chip flavour
  10. What disguise have Captain Man and Kid Danger NOT worn yet

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