The fallen part 1

Hi. You are now a 19 year old girl who lives alone in your house. Why is this quiz called 'The fallen'? Will it have a better ending than 'The chosen'? Who or what, will you become?

Max - the quiet one. Nathan - the nice one who will apoplogise about your window. Ryan - the full-of-himself player. And William - The smart guy who knows the weirdest facts you'll never need.

Created by: Dayna

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  1. *READ DESCRIPTION* You are at home, in the kitchen, getting a drink. Then there's a knock on the door. You answer it, but no one's there.
  2. You close it and hear a scream from outside. You rush out, and the dorr slams behind you. You locked yourself out. You think "Great..." Then remember the scream. You investigate it.
  3. It's dark, and the road is empty then...You black out...
  4. You wake up in the arms of a stranger. He's a guy, the same age as you, with brown hair and green eyes. "Is she still out?" Someone next to him ask. He looks over as you quickly shut your eyes. "Yeah, she's out." You open your eyes again. You try to get free, but he holds you tighter. "You're not getting up." He whispers
  5. "Nathan, is she up?" The other guy asked again. "Shut up Max!" He snarled at the other guy. "IS SHE UP?" "YES" The guy replied. You squirm some more and then you jump out of his arms... "Who are you?" You demand to know.
  6. "I'm Nathan. Now keep walking, we have no time to waste here." He said, grabbing your wrist and dragging you along. "Why? Where are we?" "Almost home. You'll be safer here." Nathan sighed.
  7. "Safer from what?" You ask. "NOw isn't the time." "WHAT DO YOU MEAN?" You yell at Nathan. "Smooth Nath, Real Smoth..." One laughs behind you. You turn violently towards him and walk up to him, quickly and firmly. "If one more thing comes out of your big mouth, I will have to shut it for you, and I mean it!"
  8. "You're in danger." Nathan calls over to you. "In danger from what?" You call back. "You need to stick with us, or bad things will happen, really bad things."
  9. "Fine, but please explain what you mean later. I wont be able to trust you until then." You walk on. You reach a house. It's HUGE! It's really nice, and in the middle of nowhere.
  10. You all go in, you are now in a large hall. "This is home. You'll be staying here with us. I'll show you around." Nathan sighs. You see a dining room, a kitchen, a lounge, three bathrooms along the corridors, your room that has an en-suit, an art gallary, a library and an odd room right at the top that Nathan didn't let you into.
  11. You go into the dining room and eat quietly. You haven't spoken since your outburst. You finish and stay seated. "Would you like me to take you to your room?" Ryan asks. "yeah please." You two go to your room.
  12. You two go into your room, and he locks the door behind him. "____, right?" He asks, "Yeah." You reply. He walks towards you, and you walk back untill yo fall onto your bed. "I'm Ryan." He flicks his black hair back, "You'll be here a while, get used to me." "Why? Why am I here?" You ask, you want to say more but then...

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