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  • haha omg if you go right down to the bottom off all the quizzes people are frekin out callin the maker of this quiz a poser an all this shizzle but rellii if u need to take a quizz to prove your an emo thn ur a poser..

    gahhh frekin people
    with lovee..
    Jessiie-Lo u

  • you scored a 48% on the emo test.

    almost. but your not emo. you mite be Gothic, but not emo. i am emo. and i know what emo is. your not emo. emo and Gothic are not really the same thing. Gothic is trying not to fit in with other people like conformists. emo is a level above Goth. if your emo, your emo forever. if your Gothic, then thats what you want to be. emo's really cant always change there self like most people can.

    wtf was that???? emo is a level above goth??wtf... its on levels??okay then.... im guessin the person that ade this... thinks ther emo.... when ther just tryin to be part of something....emo isnt about cuting urself... and u dont have to label urself....coz having no label is above everything......

    w ot a weird quiz....

  • I got emo...

    da f---! will u ppl here just STOP judging emos and each other?! NO, i'm not saying this coz i got emo. no1 has the right 2 judge any1 without knowing what they go through. And whoever u r who made this quiz, go get a life! U shouldn't be saying all that u did in the results DX It's NOT funny! And 4 the ppl offended by their results, 4get this person and the crappy remarks! It's just a quiz and no1 can judge u except urself, so don't worry about it (even though it might be hard).

  • You reall don't get Emo, do you? Well, I didn't really appreciate this quiz, but was okay I guess. And if you are kind anough, please check out my quiz

    www.gotowuiz. com/goth_emo_punk_o r_vamp

  • That sucked! Get a life, dude. Not all 'emo' people cut! My best friend and I are 'emo' but who gives a f--k about labels, anyway?

  • emosaregay... u dont no what ur talking about..... im 11 years old and I'm an outcast.... everyone hates me and so i wanna become emo... but im not material im too silly and goofy.. but i hate my life... i have cut myself a few times before and i did it for pleasure cause i had pain so stfu cause u dont know what ur talking abvout and if u dont like emos... than get the f*** outta here.... now im gonna take this test... but i already no its gonna say im not... :(

  • I would agree, this quiz is the total worst. I am not "emo" and will never be "emo" so how about you do us all a favor and stop making supid emo quizes because we would know if we were "emo" or not. so ya.

  • ^^ YESSSSSS!!! 39% Lolololol

    By the way I don't listen to any of the bands you listed, so i picked my chemical romance (or somthing)

    I listen to... One... Direction...
    Laugh , whatever

  • Im so confused, what was the purpose of this quiz?

  • hmm, this is a very weird quiz, i think we shouldn't make quiz's about emos b-cuz they get offended by these things, after all we hav different types of emos.

    Alyssa pop
  • different people, and second, youll know when you are goth or emo, so usually you shouldnt listen to these quizzes. most of them are for fun anyway. life can be a b--ch, but that doesnt mean you should b--ch about life.

  • 53%... i know im not emo but im classified as scene... thats where i fit in at school... and you dont need to cut to be emo... emo is short for emotional... you just feel depressed a lot... *sigh* no one understands

  • hey, xxbrokenxxx's got it emo and my emotions are so extreme i dont want to risk showing them. i trick myself into feeling empty all the time, but i could put up a good fight.

  • I did the test again and did all the answers that I thought were emo and still only got 77%

  • 86% on the emo test.

    wow. you passed the quiz. you really are emo. thats awesome. i hope you fell good. you should. well...i guess if your emo you really don't feel. do you. thats a good thing. thats what i think. well im proud of you. not really but you get the point

    as always *sigh**sob*

  • Funny to read quizes like this, and then the comments where people claim they're emo. xD Makes me laugh

  • I got 55% it's say I'm only alittle emo. XD

    Not all emo cut themselves btw and they have life like other do because THEY ARE PEOPLE 2!!!!

    I'm an girly emo so ya.

  • Because they are the true retards. I happen to know a great many people like that so don't be bothered by it.

    Prince of Evil
  • I gOt aN i supposed to be lyk happy or something.

    and maby not all emos cut, but i do and judging from all the worthless respponses ive gotten. it must make me pretty F#$#ed up

  • you scored a 96% on the emo test.

    wow. you passed the quiz. you really are emo. thats awesome. i hope you fell good. you should. well...i guess if your emo you really don't feel. do you. thats a good thing. thats what i think. well im proud of you. not really but you get the point


  • im just stating my opinion

  • 60%. And Emos who do cut themselves are loser Emos for f---in' cutting themselves! They're all jackasses!

  • Why is everyone freakin' out? It's just a quiz...and most quizzes are inaccurate anyway...

  • Actually dude i just dont follow the 'stereotype' of emos.

  • Some people are so mean to emos :(


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