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A Detective is someone who uses their intellectual skill and know how to complement their knowledge of human nature to solve crimes. The detective can be either rough or genteel depending on the temperment and character of the person who investigates crimes. The private investigator or private detective is their own person with a different motivation.

Would you make a good detective? do you have the brains to handle situations that require logic and reasoning in order to help people solve the toughest crimes in order to obtain justice? take this simple quiz and discover the great sleuth that is lurking in you!

Created by: Al
  1. A womans husband was murdered on sunday and she found him lying in bed with no signs of visible trauma done to the body or forced entry into the home. There are five other people in the house so you decide to question them their albis are:
  2. Ted called his old friend joan over from some drinks to which teds ex wife lilly became angry about. so she calls her new husband max to make a scene to embitter ted the next day joan is found murdered who killed her?
  3. miss rosen held a dinner party at her house she invited her friends jack, nadine, henry, and bob. they all ate the same food but, jack suddenly passed out on the table and died. you are called in to investigate and you notice that the salt shaker is missing from jacks side of the table, jack has died from arsenic poisoning. who killed jack?
  4. a woman is found dead in her home and there is no sign of forced entry of any kind. there is no blood or fingerprints only black smudges on the persons finger tips you examine the body closer and determine that.
  5. a man shoots himself right between the eyes yet there is no blood and he survives how was this possible?
  6. a murder has been commited and you find only one wittness who says he saw the whole thing from out side when he wiped some frost from a window you quickly realize the man is lying becuase.
  7. a girl is missing and she was last seen with a friend from school on the way to a concert. you question the friend and they answer that she decided to take a ride with someone else. when you ask who they do not answer but only hint at a person called Avery. you pay avery a visit and question him and he tells you her father came and picked her up. you question the father and he says he was at home all day you try to question the girls mother but she evades your questions. what happened to the missing girl?
  8. four men enter a resteruant one dressed in a blue suit, the other black, the other green,and the last one in white. you notice something odd about the one in green he buttons his coat from the left side why?
  9. greg gets killed and he writes down the name of his killer using numbers to identify the murderer the culprits names are carl, kelly, lisa, carol,jeff and dan. the numbers are 1156 who killed greg?
  10. a quaterback wearing the number 13 got caught in the middle of a huddle and vanished before everyones eyes. as that qauterback had gone missing days before this incident happened without anyone knowing. what happened?
  11. five people are suspected of stealing a rare jewel. they all deny it. Felix says he couldn't steal it becuase he is too stupid to pull it off. mary says she couldnt do it becuase she doesnt like jewlery. thomas says he didnt do it becuase the jewelry is inside a locked case. Phillip says he didnt do it becuase he has a handicap. and emelia says she didnt do it becuase she has a fear of enclosed spaces. who stole the rare jewel?
  12. a mysterious woman hands you a note and says: "This is the name of the man who wants to kill me." You look at the note and laugh at the woman as you see that the name scribbled is Iblis. who is this?

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