Are you cut out to be a detective?

I made this quiz becuase I want to know if you've got the brain to be a detective or sleuth or secret agent or whatever. So have you got the mind and skill of a detective? Or are you a brainless loser?

None of the questions are hard or tricky, at least, that's what I think, but I'm sure you'll work your way round, and know the percentage of how good of a detctive you are, oh, and uh, good luck!

Created by: Roetha
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  1. 1. What would you wear of you were a secret agent detective walking in a mysterious village under the illuminating moonlight?
  2. You are a secret agent, your mission is to infilitrate an evil villain's mansion and see what he's up to, but when you reach the main gate, you find that there are security cameras all around the house, what do you do?
  3. 3. You are a secret agent, you're on the roof of the evil villain's house, he tries to punch you in the face, you:
  4. 4. You reach a secret door in an evil villain's house, you have to enter a four digit code, the riddle is: e x 4= ?, and you know that e=500, so what do you think the four digit code is going to be? (Solve the answer before choosing the corect answer, please)
  5. You enter the door, and find a bomb (Oh my god!!) it has three wires, blue, yellow and red, you must cut one wire, to turn the bomb off, what do you do?
  6. Which of these do you think should describe a secret agent?
  7. You are in a court of law, a boy in his late teens is accused of murdering his friend (Don't get scared!), his best friend was found lying on the school floors, the boy says that he was in class when his friend died, so what do you say and what do you believe?
  8. This one's simple: The last cookie in the cookie jar has been eaten, and your mum was going to give it to you as a treat for being good, you get angry, your dad's not home so he couldn't have done it, let's say you've got two siblings, it must be one of them, the first one says that the other one did it, the second one says that he was drawing all day long and only came downstairs for breakfast, if you were to ask ONE question, what would it be?
  9. What is the most important thing do you think a detective should have?
  10. Last question, you're in a train, and you pass through a tunnel and the lights go out, when they turn back on again, a woman's valubale diamond necklace is stolen, two men come up to suspicion, you check their luggage to see if that's where they're hiding it, one has a simple red suitcase, the other a box that has somehting ratteling, you can only open one, which do you choose?

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Quiz topic: Am I cut out to be a detective?