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  • Have you ever felt like you don't belong where you are right now? Or is it just me? I feel like I need to be outside and be free. Maybe it's 'cause I have a free spirit. Or maybe it's 'cause I actually don't belong in this world, but in another....

    Yeah , I feel like that a lot. i feel like I belong in my stories. Or any book that I'm reading. I'm a writer too, and I feel like writing is my life. Like i'm nothing without it...

  • @_ViolaLove_ Yeah, they tend to do that to a lot of people and thanks XD

    @Faith Yeah, Gaea does wanna kill Megan right now but she wants her death slow and painful and thank you :D.

    Oh and part 6 is up!!!!!!

  • I just wanna kill Gaea right now like she's really annoying she probably is feeling the same way towards Megan. I LOVED it, it was FANTASTIC and CAN'T wait for the next One

  • geez, gtq really doesn't like you! It should just get over the fact that your quizzes are amazing already, gosh! I can't wait for your next part!


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