The coming winter part 2

Welcome to part 2! *____* Is having a bit of trouble understanding her new life... Good luck!.........................................................

(Me: *____**____**____**____**____**____* (*____*: what?! (Me: hi *____*! Lololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololollolololololol

Created by: Tacocat1

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  1. You woke up, tired and hungry. "Where am I?" You asked yourself. You walked outside and saw that boy again, he was upset about something.
  2. He saw you and gasped. He ran up to you and hugged you tightly. "My name is Eagle!" He said "I am your brother!" You backed away. Your head aches with images all coming back at once. You began to fall but Eagle helped you up. "Are you ok *____*?" He asked.
  3. "I'm fine" you said sitting down. "You must have many questions..." He said sitting next to you.
  4. You nodded. He gave you the shatters necklace. "Oh no!" You said "I'm so sorry about this! I-" "it's ok." He said.
  5. He hugged you again with tears in his eyes. "I missed you *____*..." He said. Suddenly, a large man shoved him away. "Eagle!" You began to say, but the man covered your mouth.
  6. "Your not from here..." He said angrily. "Bear, leave her be!" Eagle said.
  7. Bear's POV: I see the girls clothing... Winter tribe clothing... She is bad... "Leave... NOW!" I said to her. She refused. I grabbed her by the neck.
  8. Suddenly, my son came. "Dad! Stop!" He said. I threw her to the wall of the healing hut.
  9. Suddenly, my son came. "Dad! Stop!" He said. I threw her to the wall of the healing hut.
  10. your POV: I stared at the boy. "His name is Midnight." Eagle said. He was a small boy with brown hair and grey eyes. He seemed kinda.... Cute... In a way.
  11. He came up to me and handed me a herb. I ate it and my neck felt better. "My mom is the healer." He said. "Thank you Midnight." I said. He got a bit red and said "do you want to-" before he could Finnish a loud horn was blown. "Well time for the meeting!" He said quickly. I followed him there.
  12. You sat next to Midnight as the chief came. "A long lost child has been brought back to us, my friends!" He said. His sone stared at me. I felt a bit uncomfortable, especially when the chief said "*____*! Please come stand next to my son!" I walked up next to him. He slid a black ring on my finger, it was cold.
  13. Suddenly, you were in a forest. You heard yelling and crying. You looked and saw your father running with a crying child in his arms. Suddenly, it all froze. You took a closer look at the child... "Is that-" you woke up from the strange dream.
  14. You stared at the chief's son... He looked at you, then looked away quickly.
  15. "My name is Hawkwing, if you were wondering, *____*..." He mumbled. You looked away. Eagle pulled on your arm. "What is it, Eagle?" You said. "Mom, dad, waiting, let's go!" He answered pulling harder.
  16. He took you to a hut and you looked inside. "*____*?!" A woman said "is it really you?" She hugged you tightly. Her eyes were green, just like yours and her hair was a dark brown, like yours!
  17. Your father walked in. "Uh, hi dad!" You said cheerfully. He just stared at you. "Your brother was the only one we needed..." He said. You felt your heart die. Everyone stared at him. "He almost died trying to save you from Talon..." She said.. Eagle poked her on the shoulder and said "she can't remember!". Your mother sighed and walked to the kitchen to cook dinner.
  18. You ran into the forest... You kept running with your eyes closed, until someone grabbed you by the shoulders. You saw it was Midnight and you were about to fall off a cliff!
  19. "What are you doing out here?" You asked him. "Well..." He said blushing... "I saw a beutiful flower out here, a tiger lily! And I wanted to give it to you... I saw you running, about to fall and..." You stared at each other for a moment. He gave you the flower quickly and turned away blushing.
  20. You walked back to the tribe, but you were knocked out be something...
  21. CLIFFHANGER! Mwah ha ha!
  22. Who do you like?

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