The chosen part four

This part 4! I'm glad you enjoy the other 3 quizzes (I read the comments you left) Okay, this is an odd part where you see the real side to the guys. You will talk to Alex more here now to!

Okay, the guys are : Alex-He is all high and mighty *not*. Michael-Smart guy Michael kissed you last time! Blake-The "nice-guy". Seth-One word for him "Emo".

Created by: Dayna (Bubbygirl968)
  1. Michael has just kissed you and left. Alex is in the door way now, "Dinner _____, Are you ok?" He asks.
  2. You both go downstairs and The others are already there. Alex pushes past you and sits in between Seth and Michael, You have to sit next to a slightly pink Michael.
  3. You eat in silence. Michael keeps looking up at you from time to time, this makes the others act suspicious. You think "Oh no!" Michael then says "I agree" Out loud. The others and you look at him.
  4. Michael thinks "HELP" and you step in, thinking "How did you just?". "I'll explain later!" he says out loud.
  5. "You read minds?" You say out loud this time. "Yeah, I do." Michael sighs. The boys look astonished. Michael leaves. "There always was something weird with him!" Alex groans.
  6. After dinner, you become really bored, so you think you should talk to Alex some more. You go into the living room and see him sitting there watching T.V.
  7. "Hi." You say. "Hi, what do you want?" He mumbles angrily. "Nothing, what's got you so moody?" You ask. "Shut up _____, just shut up."
  8. "What did I do?" You yell at him. "You moved in! That's what you did!" He yells back. "IT WASN'T MY CHOICETO MOVE IN! YOU GUYS MADE ME! I COULD BE AT HOME!" You storm out. You go out side. It's cold and dark but it's quiet.
  9. You get tired and see the boys because you STILL have no room. You head into the living room and there's shouting. You see Blake punch Alex, and the room goes quiet.
  10. You run over to Alex and shout at Blake "WHAT THE HELL?" The other 2 crouch down beside you Blake down at you, with anger and regret in his eyes. He runs out.
  11. You talk to Michael one more time today, "We have to tell them!" He says. You nod. And you see Seth in the doorway.

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