The Children of Hurin Quiz: Level One

The Children of Hurin is the latest Tolkien book, and a thrilling one. Although the story of this book is told in the Silmarillion, there is much more detail in the separately published version. Because the book is new, not many have read it yet. If you have read it, then this quiz is for you!

How well do you know the Children of Hurin? Take this Level One quiz to find out if you know the plot! A good score on this quiz will qualify you to take the Level Two quiz, so do your best! Now get going!

Created by: finduilas

  1. Under what hill are Mim's caves?
  2. What battle was Hurin captured in?
  3. What race is Beleg?
  4. Who is the King of Doraith?
  5. Who is Thingol's wife?
  6. Who is Turin's mother?
  7. What is the name of Turin's home area?
  8. How does Turin kill Glaurung?
  9. What river does Turin drink from at the command of Gwindor, to ease his shock at Beleg's death?
  10. Where are Morwen and Nienor headed when Glaurung attacks and separates them?
  11. What name is Nienor given in Brethil?
  12. Finally, a drop-dead easy question: Who is the bad guy?

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