What Kind Of Parisian Are You?

"How To Be A Parisian Wherever You Are:Love, Style, and Bad Habits" is the latest book about learning to be the french sophisticated and witty Parisian lady. This new book is written by four Parisians including the French fashion icon Caroline De Maigret. Let's see if you are a hidden Parisian and sophistication and the "Frenchitude" has no secret for you.

Does your closet consists of sweat pants in every bright color possible? Are you overwhelmed by your children screams and schedules? If so, Au secours! You should read the book asap! In any case each women could use few tips and become a little bit Parisian, just to make life more stylish and enjoyable.

Created by: Isabelle Ciacchella
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  1. I wear a black bra under my white shirt
  2. I love my large designer bags
  3. I don't leave home without a scarf
  4. I would never wear costume jewelry
  5. I love to wear tops with brand logos
  6. I match my purse with my outfit
  7. I get my French manicure done every week
  8. I spend 4 hours baking a cake for my child's birthday
  9. I'm best friend with my children
  10. I love baby showers
  11. I would never talk about sex at a diner party
  12. I am a stay at home Mom

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Parisian am I?