The Bonds of Love Part 10

The Bonds of Love Part 10 --- the epic finale to the series. Katia Jiners' life was forever changed by four guys she'd never expected to meet. And she certianly never expected to fall in love with one of them either. This is her story... Part 10! Whoo! Here we go... SHOUT-OUTS to: LovelyTeenWriter, DCgirl, rvelez, Chainbreaker, Sskittykat, kay625kay, NightRain, JackieHoran, Monkey_Love and (my super awesome bff eva!) sami tabor. Thanks to all the guests who read this too. Thanks for all the comments, reads and for giving me inspiration everyday to keep writing. The finale wouldn't be here without you all. I thank you all sooo much for reading The Bonds of Love. P.S. Stay tuned for a special extra of The Bonds of Love ----> The Bonds of Love:Behind The Scenes! 35 facts you probably didn't know about the series! Also keep a lookout for new series to come :) XOXO, Alleria


Created by: Alleria

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  1. REID (P.o.V) I drummed my fingers nervously on the banister. Prom was tonight-- and so was Tyler's 18th birthday at 11:15 pm. "Guys! Get the f*** up!" I shouted. They should've been up a few minutes ago. I see them coming down the stairs. "Jeez, Reid. Did Hary Potter come and do something to you? Talk about mood change," Tyler said. "Harry Potter can kiss my a**," I retorted as we walked outside. I heard snickers behind me. "Why is that so funny?" I asked, slipping in the driver's side. "Dang it, Reid. This is my car. Stop---" Tyler mumbled. "Shut up Baby Boy. I'm driving," I told him. He glared at me. "Get your own damn car," he growled. I chuckled. It's no use. We'll b**** on and on about who drives the van. We reached the school and jumped out. Caleb and Pogue were on thier phones talking to Kate and Sarah, telling them they'll see them later. I saw Tyler look down at his phone, then look sad. "What?" I asked. "Sami can't make it. Her dad's making her stay home." "Well, cheer up. At least you'll see her tonight," I tell him,then he smacked the back of my head. "Jeez," I complained rubbing my head. "What the f*** did I do now?" "Nothing. I just wanted to hit you." "You are so gonna wish you were dead, Tyler." I growled. He laughed then began to run. "Yeah, that's right Baby Boy! Run for your life!" I called after him. "I'm sexy and I know it and you can't help but marvel in my awesomeness!!"
  2. I heard giggling. I turned to see Katia standing there, a hand over her mouth. I leaned down and kissed her. We kissed each other until we were interrupted by an 'ahem'. A teacher glared at us. "No public play of affection is allowed. No kissing. Please do that on your own time," she said. I threw an arm around Katia. "Jeez, PMS much?" I asked her. Her face turned bright red. "DETENTION, MR. GARWIN!" she yelled. "Well, you've done it now," Katia said. "I ain't bailing you out." "C'mon,"I say, lifting her chin. "Unless you'd rather join me. Live a little, Katia." "Hmmmm. Yup. Not happening, sorry," she said. I groaned then we walked inside. The next few hours were a blur. Kate and Sarah stopped by to pick up Katia. I, of course, had to stay behind in detention. Finally, the clock hit 3:30 and I hightailed it out of that s***hole. Tyler was waiting outside, sitting in the van, talking to Sami. He must really like that girl. I've never seen her, so I'd have to wait to see her tonight.
  3. We arrived at the house. Kate and Sarah were helping Katia get ready for. I could never understand why it took girls 2-3 hours just to get ready. The others were on the couch. Tyler was on his phone, texting, no doubt, Sami. Caleb and Pogue were in a heated decussion about who should drive and whose car we would be taking. I sighed. Then I heard someone shout my name. "REID! CAN YOU COME UP HERE?!" Kate and Sarah's voices called. I headed up the stairs. Caleb's door was closed so I figured that's where they were. I started to open it, but the door immediately shut, locked. "You're not coming in," Kate said. "You just said--" I argued. "We said to come up here, not come in," Sarah's voice said from the other side. "And don't you dare Use!" I sat down, my back pressed against the door. "Well, what do you want?" "If you had to pick, what color would make Katia's eyes pop out?" This is why they called me up here? Great, girl stuff. Hallelujah. I sighed, then thought for a long time. Hmm... I pictured her face. "Either smoky gray or purple," I replied back finally. I heard shuffling and clattering. What the heck were they doing in there? I pressed my ear against the wood, hearing the sound of water running then a hair-dryer running. I sighed again. 6:35. I decided to put on my black tux I'd rented from Jenny's on the last school dance I went to. Which ironically was Caleb's Ascension. I combed my hair, then went downstairs. Pogue, Tyler and Caleb were already there.
  4. I heard footsteps. I looked up to the top of the stairs to see Kate and Sarah. Kate was wearing a dark purple dress. Sarah was wearing a white silk dress, which come to think of it was the same dress she had on the last dance at Caleb's birthday. "May we present Miss Katia Jiners?" they said, coming down the stairs. She stood at the top of the stairs. She was wearing a black dress that hugged her small figure, and showed what barely curves she had.(Look up elegant black ankle sheath v neck prom dress. It's the first picture you see) She walked down the stairs shyly. As she got closer I noticed she had mascara, eyeliner and smoky gray-purple eyeshadow. Now I understood why. The colors made her eyes pop. Her long dark brown hair was piled up in a bun, in ringlets, large strands hiding her ears. Her dark tan skin seemed to glow. She was wearing black flats on her feet. That was good. I could never understand why girls wore high heels when it hurt thier feet. She stopped in front of me. She was... "Damn,girl," I blurted out before I could stop the words coming from my mouth, earning several smacks on the back of my head. "God, Reid. Way to ruin the moment," Kate said. "Wait, that came out wrong. I didn't mean to say that. What I meant to say was...You look beautiful, Katia." She blushed. She is beautiful. For that moment, I didn't care whether she was a freshman, wore hearing aids or whatnot. All I had now with me was her.
  5. We got into Tyler's van. Tyler was driving. Caleb, Sarah, Kate and Pogue were going in Caleb's car. We sat in the backseat. Katia made me wear my seatbelt. We reached the school. People were arriving in limos and whatnot. I helped Katia get out, then she looped an arm around mine. We walked inside to the Auditera. Music was blaring, people were dancing, and cheering. I even thought I saw a guy pour beer in the punch. Great. "Don't drink the punch," I told her. People were staring at all of us, pointing and whispering. "Who is that girl?" "Whoa, look! New chick!" "Holy crap! That's the deaf kid!" I growled, but Katia stopped me. "Don't, Reid. It's not worth it." We found an empty table, where the others soon joined us. Tyler seemed to searching for someone. "Where's your girl, Tyler?" Caleb asked. Tyler shook his head. "She said she'd be here in a few minutes."
  6. Ten minutes later, Sami still did not show up. "She could've gotten stuck in traffic," he suggested. "I would call her but I don't have my phone. I memorized it but the numbers are mixed up. " He sighed. I wondered if she was blowing him off. Katia stood up. "I'll be back guys. I have to use the restroom," she said. She looked up at me. "When I get back, we're gonna dance, whether you like it or not." "I'll be here, waiting," I replied, giving her a quick kiss. I watched her leave then sat down again. I turned to the stage, shaking my head in desbelief. Out of all the themes they could've chosen, why'd they have to pick Carrie? I mean, I've got nothing against her, but are they seriously expecting to go along with this? Next thing you know, when whoever is crowned Prom Queen, she'll get a bucket load of pig's blood poured on her, and then she'll go pyscho, killing everybody in the school with her mind. Great theme. Really. Great theme. I waited, and waited. Katia was sure taking a long time. Maybe there was a long line. I started to get up when a phone rang. Caleb pulled out his phone and listened. He held it out to me. "It's for you," he said. I was confused. I put it on speakerphone. The others moved closer so we could hear it. "Hello?" "Reid?" It was Katia. "Katia?" "No!" Katia pleaded, her voice soounding panicky. " I did what you wanted! Reid!" There was a crackle of static, then a different voice came on.I couldn't tell whether it was a man or a woman. "Meet me at Sered Barn in five minutes, or she dies." "Listen, you b---" I started, but the phone clicked off. We looked at each other. Caleb told Kate and Sarah to stay here in case Sami showed up. We ran to the van. I slammed on the accelerator, leaving skid marks.
  7. I remembered seeing the barn when we first drove in here. It was an old barn, but still usable. No one else used it anymore since it was practically in the middle of nowhere. Who builds a barn in the middle of the outskirts? The sky was black as night. Thunder rumbled, lightning crackled, and rain started pouring down heavily. I slammed on the brakes narrowly missing the fence. We got out, leaped over the fence and dashed inside. I froze. There standing in front of us, was Katia. Next to her was a girl I didn't recognize, gripping Katia's arm. Katia was struggling but the girl tightened her hold. We stared at each other. Finally after a long period of silence, Tyler spoke. "Sami?"
  8. Wait, this chick was Sami? Tyler's girl? She was smirking, her long black hair behind her shoulders. Her blue eyes wandered over us like we were nothing but a pair of bugs we wanted to smash. She was wearing a strapless short black dress that went to her knees. I noticed she was wearing combat boots out of all things. "Hey,Tyler," Sami spat out, her lips curled into a creepy smile. "Look what I have!" I looked over to Katia. Her bun had been ripped out, so now her hair was hanging down. She had little streaks of mascara under her eyes. I mouthed to her: It'll be okay. She just looked at me. The girl called Sami, threw her head back and laughed. "Ain't this fun? I'm so happy! I got you all together!" Sami jumped up and down like a little kid. "Sami, you crazy b****. Let Katia go or I'll---" I started. "Or you'll what?" she sneered. "Choke me to death? I'm pretty sure Tyler would kill you for that." I glanced back at Tyler who was staring at Sami in desbelief. "Oh, honey. Don't take it personal. It's just busineess. But anyway, ain't Katia pretty? All dolled up like a Barbie?" she asked, then her tongue rolled out and licked the side of Katia's face. Katia whimpered in disgust. Sami grinned evilly. She giggled. "Ah, the look on your faces. Now, look," she said her voice turn harsh and seroius. "All you have to do is Will me your Power...and I'll be on my merry way." "Don't do it, Tyler!" Katia screamed. "Don' you dare!" "SHUT UP!" Sami yelled. She took a deep breath, looking behind me. "Please, baby? For me?" A long silence. "No," Tyler spoke finally. Sami glared at us. "Well, at least, I tried," she hissed. Then her eyes turned pure black. And the fa├žade of Sami floated away like smoke to reveal the true person hiding beneath. The Devil himself. Chase Collins.
  9. Chase grinned at us. "Miss me?" "Where's Sami?" Tyler growled. Chase scoffed. "That pathetic girl? She's at home. I knocked her out. It's better than killing her, ain't it? You should be happy I spared her life." Then he disappeared, taking Katia along with him. I heard a scream. We looked up to see Chase on the catwalk, dangling Katia over the ground, one hand on her throat. She was clawing one of his arms but he acted like nothing was happening. "Now!" Chase yelled over the loud rumble of thunder. "We can do this the easy or hard way! Will me your Power and I'll let Katia go! If you don't then she dies!" We looked towards Tyler. Then he clutched his head and screamed. It was starting. I started to move when I found I couldn't. I looked over and saw the others having the same thing. Only Tyler was left untouched. "Oh, yeah. I forgot. I bounded all of your Powers, except for Tyler's." Chase said, grinning. Tyler groaned, clutching his side, rolling on the floor, screaming. Lightning flashed violently, the barn shaking. "Oooh, witchy!" Chase called out. "Oops, did I say 'witch'?" Black substance dribbled out of Tyler's mouth. "Don't do it Tyler!" Katia shrieked. "B****, shut up! I'm trying to have a conversation here!" Chase shouted, smacking her across the face. I wanted to hit him so bad. But this is Tyler's Ascension. Not mine.
  10. "Leave. Her. Alone!" Tyler yelled, getting to his feet, ready to launch a fireball. Chase merely waved his hand aside, and Tyler was flying across the barn. Tyler struggled, eyes black as orbs. He launched a ball of energy which Chase deflected, creating a crater in the barn floor next to me. Tyler kept launching balls of energy at Chase but Chase dodged them smoothly. He ducked, glared at Tyler, then smoothed back his hair. "You won't be able to beat me. Without the Powers, I'm unbeatable!" he shouted, throwing an arm in the air, he launched tendrils at Tyler, which wrapped around him, lifting him off the floor. Chase pinned him against a pilliar. "You know, I've had fun this past couple of years. You all thought I was dead. I overheard you guys were coming here. So, I figured what the hell? My dear Katia, I grabbed a ride, and convinced him to crash your parents' car at the right moment. I was the one that influenced Jakson and made him rape you. I figured y'all would help a poor pathetic girl and you'd help her and feel sorry about her. And I was right." Chase smiled wickedly. Tyler was struggling against the tendrails but it was no use. "It's just four simple words Tyler!!" Chase boomed. "Will me your Power, and this'll all go away!" Tyler grunted.
  11. He was giving up. Tyler was giving up. Don't you do it, Baby Boy! Don't you dare! I thought. "Hey, Chase!" I heard Katia call out. "What?!" he snapped. "I have five words for you..." she started. What was she doing? Her legs kicked and dangled in the air. "Go..." Chase ignored her. "F***..." His eyes narrowed but kept his eyes on Tyler. Tyler's body arched, and he screamed in agony, then a bolt of lightning pierced through the ceiling of the barn, and entered his chest. Chase cackled. More Power surged through Tyler, making him scream. Suddenly, Chase dropped Katia. NO!! I tried to shout but my mouth wouldn't work. I watched as she fell... then stopped mid-air, floating, her hair moving around her like she was underwater, her arms spread out at her sides. Then she screamed as a bolt of lightning traveled from Tyler, into her chest, connecting the two. "What is the meaning of this?!" Chase roared. "TYLER, GIVE ME YOUR FREAKIN' POWER!" "I..." I thought I imagined it. That whispered word. "Will..." That second word. I didn't understand what was happening. "Them..." Then I knew. It hit me. I struggled, straining to reach her, to scream her name. KA-- "My..." TI-- "Power." --A!!! Immediately, at once four lightning bolts sprang from her body and into our chests. We screamed, all of us screamed, except for Chase. The Power... felt good. I heard a thump, the sound of a body falling, but my eyes were fixed on Chase. He had to pay. We all started firing balls of energy at him, but he dodged, ducked, and teleported, making us miss. Caleb sliced the tendrails holding Tyler with a ball of energy. Tyler was... leviating? Cool.
  12. Caleb stamped his foot. "For once, I wish the b------ would go straight to Hell!" he shouted, fustarated his black eyes narrowing. Then he shot out a hand aiming at Chase, fire roaring from his hand. "Holy S---!" "Why do you always get all the cool damn stuff?" I shouted. I wanted to get to Katia, but we had to fight Chase. "Cause I'm awesome!" Caleb shouted back. This wasn't us talking. It was the Power... feeling good. I smiled, then was about to launch another ball of energy when I noticed Tyler still leviating. "Baby Boy! What're waiting for?!" I yelled, ducking as a ball of energy headed straight for me. I deflected it. He was watching intentely, as if waiting for the right moment.
  13. "STOP FOR A MINUTE" Tyler roared. We were shocked, our balls of energy receding. Tyler never yells like that. He must be extremely pissed. "Chase, you f****** a******! Come out and face me like a man you cheap b****! This is my Ascension! THIS IS BETWEEN YOU AND ME!" He directed that last line at us. I had a feeling this was going to turn out interesting. Pogue's, Caleb's and my eyes turned back to thier normal color. For a minute, there was nothing. Then Chase appeared at the catwalk again, where he'd been dangling Katia. I looked over at the body lying on the ground, in the center of it all. I wanted to run to her but something was stopping me.
  14. Chase calmly brushed the dirt from his jacket. "Let's make a deal," Tyler spat through his teeth. "If you win, you get our Powers. And if I win, you go straight to Hell and don't ever come back." Chase's eyes twinkled. He smiled. "Deal," he hissed,his eyes turning black. They began to fight, launching balls of energy at each other. Tyler dropped to the floor, picking up a pitchfork, throwing it in the air. It barely missed Chase's head. Damn. "He stole my move," Caleb muttered. Tyler kept getting pounded into the floor. "What will it take for you to learn?!" Chase shouted, suddenly appearing next to Tyler, picking him up, throwing him into a wall. Tyler crashed through it, landing outside. Chase disappeared. We heard him and Tyler yelling, blasts rumbling the barn. I'm surprised the police haven't come yet. Then Chase was flying through the wall, landing on the floor. He groaned. Tyler calmly walked to Chase. His black eyes stared down at him with such hatred and fury on his face. Chase struggled to his feet. He looked... old, like he'd aged 30 years. "Go ahead," he hissed, eyes black as night. "Kill your own brother. I dare you." "You aren't our brother," Tyler growled. Chase growled. Tyler raised his hands creating a HUGE ball of energy, much bigger than Caleb could do. Chase roared then lunged for Tyler. Tyler threw it at him... hitting home run. Chase screamed as the ball hit him. "NOOOO!" The ball engulfed him, then he exploded, into burning ashes. Tyler stood there for a minute, hands clenched at his sides. We walked towards him. He had his eyes closed. He opened them and we saw is normal light blue color. Chase was gone. He killed him. He saved us. He saved The Covenant.
  15. We crowded around Katia's still body. Her eyes were open, staring lifelessly at the ceiling. "Katia..." I fall down onto my knees, brushing a large strand of hair off of her face. I gently close her eyes, and take her body in my arms, her head pressed against my chest, tears slipping out, splashing onto her forehead. I rock her gently. "I love you," I said into her hair; the words that she will never hear again. "I'm love you, Katia..." "She was the entity mom was talking about..." Caleb's voice said distantly. "She saved us..." ("I don't know why...I don't know what is wrong...Is karma gonna get to me? I don't know what is real... Wanna feel, wanna feel like I did before....")
  16. ONE YEAR LATER... I walked into the Auditerioum, placing myself in a seat. Tyler, and Caleb were already there. Pogue was on his honeymoon with Kate, in New Zealand. Sarah and Sami were working at the local diner. They felt bad that they couldn't come; Caleb offered to film everything. Sami now knew everything about us, considering Chase had literally appeared to her and knocked her out. We felt like she deserved to know. Katia's friend, Bree got married to a man named James. Rebecca now worked at a texting tutor. Go figure. As for me... well, I changed my ways. I don't Use anymore. I stopped flirting with other girls, and mostly kept to myself. I didn't want to be in the real world anymore. But Tyler convinced me to come. And I'd agreed, just this once. Tonight was the local talent show at the school. Even though we graduated, we still were able to get in. The room darkened. A male voice came from a loud speaker and announced: "Our first guest all the way from New York, will be playing Evanescence's 'Good Enough'." The curtians opened and a girl sitting at the grand piano started playing the intro.She was really good. "What the h..." Caleb mumbled, earning a punch from Tyler. He glanced over at me for a second, to the camera, then back to me. What was his problem? Since I was sitting in the waaaaayy back, it was hard to see her face, but I could still hear her voice. Man, that girl could sing. "...I can't say no to you/ And I've completely lost myself/ And I don't mind/ I can't can't say no to you/ Shouldn't have let you torture me so sweetly/ Now I can't let go of this dream/ Can't believe that I feel good enough...." I started thinking about Katia for some reason. I remembered her smile, her eyes, her laugh, the taste of her lips... The dance she wanted but never gotten...
  17. "So take care of what you ask of me/ 'Cause I can't say no.....," she sang, playing the final note. She stood up and bowed to the crowd, her long dark brown hair shining under the glare of the lights. For some reason... I wanted to meet her. After all the acts were over, and the lights came back on, we headed out into the Commons. I bumped into someone. "Sorry," we both said at the same time. I froze. I turned to look at her. Her dark brown eyes twinkled back at me. "Are you okay?" I snapped back to reality. "Yeah...I'm fine." "Have we met before? Because I swear, you look familiar..." she spoke softly. "Um, I attended some of your concerts...," I lied. "You're really good, by the way." "Thanks," she blushed. I held out my hand. "Reid. Reid Garwin." She shook it, smiling. "Nice to meet you, Reid. I'm Miya." She turned, then stopped as if remembering something important. She turned slightly, looking at me, tears forming in her eyes. She must be scared for her next performance. I stepped closer, turning her around, then with out thinking, press my lips to hers. I pulled away, then hugged her. "You'll do fine, Miya." We broke apart, my hands on her shoulders. She smiled weakly. "Please call me Katia."
  18. There are certain things in life you can't always explain. The reason why people die, or live. Those who were lost are now remembered and found. Why the bonds of love and friendship are stronger than evil. Why one of your friends would sacrifice themselves knowing that they would die. It's all part of one thing: love. Love is the greatest thing of all. Love is what keeps us together through bad and good times. Love is a part of who we are. I found my soulmate again. This proves that love DOES exist. And nothing can change that, then, now or near future. The bonds of love conquers all. Love... the greatest thing anyone could ever ask for. This is the story of the girl who's life was forever changed by four guys she never expected to meet. The story of the girl who thought she'd never find love. This is her story. This is what happened. THE END
  19. I can't believe I'm finished with this series!! In case you're wondering, there's going to be another sequel series to TBoL. After I finish The Darkness series, the crossover series called The Conjuring will begin. It's the sequel to TBoL, but crosses over in the world of my other series, The Darkness and The Cold(TWC). I don't think that has happened in the history of GTQ before so I hope you will enjoy it. Please check my series, The Cold(TWC) out. It will help a lot. XOXO, Alleria

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