The big bang theory quiz

The big bang theory is a great tv show with funny jokes and good plot lines. If you enjoy it as much as I do then you should do good and have fun on this quiz based off of the tv show.

Do you think you know the tv show the big band theory? Have you seen enough episodes to answer these questions? Well find out by taking this fan made test on your knowledge of the big bang theory.

Created by: Nick
  1. What is Sheldon's last name?
  2. Who did Leonard take to Switzerland?
  3. Which one of the four major characters got married first?
  4. Who owns the comic book store that the main characters oftenly go to?
  5. Which actor from the series has won multiple awards?
  6. Which character lives with his mother?
  7. Which female character is Sheldon in a relationship with?
  8. What has Sheldon always had a difficult time understanding?
  9. What has all the rules that decide what happens between Sheldon and his roommate?
  10. Who lives in the same building as Sheldon and Leonard?
  11. What is Sheldon's famous catchphrase?
  12. Who has been on the show the longest?
  13. Which character is extremely shy in front of women?
  14. What is Sheldon's favorite movie/tv series?
  15. What caused the elevator to break?
  16. What is Sheldon's famous hand game?
  17. Who is the smartest?

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