The BFF Quiz!!!!!!!

hey all u peopmle this quiz is about is your bff a jerk or a sweet angel. Plis take the quiz i did it because my first bff was a jerk and then i changed it for a good one

If you get that you are or have a good bff i would just like to say i dedicate this to KO(my bff initials) she is the best bff in the world and i did this wuiz for a good cause XOXO the secret writer MARI

Created by: Mari
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your BFF is....
  2. Your BFF has a crush she is so crazy about???
  3. Has she embarased you??
  4. What is her favorite activity??
  5. How does she treat you???
  6. She has 2 tickets to see you favorite star. What does she do??
  7. Do you think your BFF will like this quiz???
  8. You think your BFF shouldnt
  9. Your BFF is like a
  10. her fav star is

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