The Beginers Horse Test

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This quiz is for all of those beginners who ride only one day hoping for the Olympic gold medal! No madder what you should take this five second test you know your statues in the horse world

Are you a really good horse rider even though you are a beginner? do you have the riding knowledge to find your self in the equine world? now that that question is in your head take his five second test!

Created by: Lilly
  1. The bridle is...
  2. In the saddle you sit like....
  3. True or false Their are 4 gaits
  4. What saddle has a horn?
  5. The first thing you do when you tack a horse up is?
  6. True or false The pinto is a breed
  7. When riding you turn by...
  8. Troting is...
  9. You are grooming you use witch brushes in what order
  10. What do riders call white?
  11. Was this test easy?

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