The Basics Of Biology

Hello And Welcome To This Quiz. It Is A Quiz To Test Whether You Have A Good Basic Knowledge Of Biology Or Not, It Will Involve Topics That Are The Fundaments Of Biology.

Try It Out And Test Yourself, Do You Have The Basic Knowledge Of Biology All Sorted Out Already? Is It Something You Could Improve On? Well, There's Only One Way To Find Out!

Created by: Alice S
  1. In Which Part Of A Plant Cell Does Photosynthesis Take Place?
  2. What Is Aerobic Respiration?
  3. What Is Inside A Vaccination?
  4. What Is Another Word For A Disease That Can Spread?
  5. Which One Is The Odd One Out?
  6. What Do Enzymes Do When The Temperature Reaches Its Optimum Point?
  7. What Is One Thing Glucose Can Be Stored As?
  8. The Nucleus Prevents Anything From Entering The Cell. True Or False?
  9. Which Of These Isn't A Type Of Cell?
  10. The Placebo Effect Is The Effect Of An Animal Cell Not Having A Cell Wall. True Or False?

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