General Biology - Module 9 - Cellular Respiration

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Created by: Carlie Johnson
  1. Autotrophs are
  2. Heterotrophs
  3. 'Anaerobic' means
  4. The process organisms use to transfer energy from glucose molecules into molecules of ATP, which are used to power a cell
  5. Cellular Respiration occurs in the
  6. For every glucose molecule - cellular respiration produces how many molecules of ATP (net)?
  7. Which of the following is not one of the 4 stages of cellular respiration?
  8. Which is the only stage where no ATP is produced?
  9. Which stage produces the most ATP?
  10. When lactic acid occurs
  11. In the Electron Transport Chain - NAD+ and FAD+ are used again
  12. Fats and proteins cannot be broken down in cellular respiration
  13. Krebs Cycle occurs in the mitochondria
  14. Pyruvate Oxidation is where Acetyl CoA is produced
  15. During Glycolysis 4 ATPs are used to break down glucose to create 6 more ATPs

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