The Atheist quiz

An. Atheist doesnt belive in God. Most have good reasons for it too. So yeah thats my little description of an... Awesome Atheist What else do i say?

Are you a true atheist like me? Take this purely awesome quiz to find out! I hope you dont mind the last few questions... Eh nevermind its more fun if you do mind Hahahahahaha...

Created by: Acra
  1. Do you believe in God?
  2. Have you read the bible?
  3. Do you have reasons for not believing in God?
  4. Do you believe killing is good?
  5. If your family stops for a prayer before dinner you...
  6. When you go (or are forced to go) to church you...
  7. Whats you favorite color? (doesnt effect much)
  8. Why am i asking this question?
  9. Last question. Do you hate me?
  10. Haha i lied this is the last question. What type of music do you like?
  11. I lied again >:D what do you think of me?
  12. This is the last question do you believe me?
  13. Good job to those who said i would lie again! Now did you enjoy this quiz? (last question)
  14. Hahahahaha Its fun to play with your little minds! Now goodbye!

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