Theist or Atheist?

There are many people in the world, and many different beliefs to go with them. 2 of 3 groups in the world are Atheist and Theist (the 3rd is Agnostic).

If you aren't sure about what you believe in, or you aren't sure what Atheist or Theist means, take this quiz! It can ensure your faith or assure you don't need faith, or just tell you what those 2 terms even mean.

Created by: Aubrey
  1. Does God (any higher being) exist?
  2. Is Heaven real or fake?
  3. How did the world come into existence?
  4. What word would you most likely associate with the word God (deity)?
  5. What do you associate with the words "Devil," "Demon," and "Satan?"
  6. Choose the one you think is fake/make-believe/not true/not real.
  7. {This is mainly a Christian-Atheist question} Which of the following do you think is true?
  8. Choose 1 thing you believe happened.
  9. Choose 1 thing you believe is true.
  10. Choose 1 statement you would say.

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