The Arabian Horse Quiz!!!!

Arabian horses are beautiful, elegant, graceful, and fairly smart animals. This quiz is entirely about these breathtaking animals, and I made it based on my personal knowledge about them.

So, the question remains, do YOU really know them, or are you a fake lover? PLEASE note that this is MY personal knowledge, so if I get facts wrong, please forgive me!

Created by: hanoota
  1. OK, we'll start out pretty easy. What is the average Arabians temperament?
  2. Appearance wise, what are Arabians typically known for?
  3. Ok, we're going to get a bit harder here! What are 3 characteristics of the Arabian horse? ( Only one answer has all 3 correct)
  4. How long have Arabians been around?
  5. What sport are Arabians NOT popular in?
  6. What sport ARE Arabians popular in?
  7. Can Arabians be roan colored?
  8. Do Arabians make good trail horses?
  9. What is a Shagya Arabian?
  10. Do you love Arabians?

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