The Annoying Orange Cahllenge

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He's cute. He annoying. He's... orange! My favorite youtube series has a quiz by me. Test your skill with Orange, pear, Midiget Apple, Marshmallow, and the rest!

Hey! Hey quiz taker! Hey! You look fruity! I bet you'll do good. Hey! Hey quiz taker! Try to get a high score. You're an apple!!!!! Please ignore him. good luck!

Created by: TYLER

  1. How many episodes of Annoying Orange are viewable as of Jan. 3, 2011?
  2. Who is the creator?
  3. How many views does Lady Pasta have as of Jan. 3, 2011?
  4. Who is Oranges love?
  5. Which character hates Orange?
  6. Orange had a crazy youtube sensation guest star. Who?
  7. How many times was an apple killed?
  8. What does Orange call the football?
  9. Which video games did Orange visit?
  10. What killed Frankenfruit in the Halloween special?
  11. What is Orange's favorite saying(s)?

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