which star wars character are you most like?

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There are millions of people who love Star Wars. Their favourite character is Yoda, or Princess Leia, or whatever. But this is the chance to find out which Star Wars character YOU are most like.

Are you one of those geeky Star Wars people? If you are, this is the quiz for you. Star Wars is waving to you! Or this quiz is, at least. Please come and find out which character you are most like!

Created by: Abi

  1. what do you do when Darth Vader is trying to kill you?
  2. are you a solitary person?
  3. what Star Wars creature is your favourite animal?
  4. which would you drink?
  5. which box would you open?
  6. what is your personality?
  7. where did you come from?
  8. what is your ideal pet?
  9. how much do you like star wars?
  10. how many fights have you got into?

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Quiz topic: Which star wars character am I most like?