The All Girl Quiz.

So many growing girls in the world . See if your already grown , growing ,or not quite there yet. Check this quiz out and see if you've got alot going or should I say growing through ya.

This is a quiz about growing up. I'm growing up to so don't feel like your alone. I'm only 11 & 1/2. So if you're feelin bored or nothin to do ( which is bored) take this quiz . You might be surprised in what you get.

Created by: Anandah
  1. Did your breasts begin to grow?
  2. Did you get your period?
  3. If yes to question 2, do you use teen pads or tampons?
  4. Do you have hair under your arm and your ... you know ... down there?
  5. If yes to question 7, do you shave ?
  6. Do you have pimples on your face or anywhere else on your body ?
  7. Do you like to polish your nails?
  8. I'm sorry about asking you about your personal lives and what your going through.
  9. Did you like my 2nd quiz ?

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