Are You Amazing?

well it takes alot to be amazing!!!!! check if YOOOU are? ps cheating is screwing urself!!!! i dont like this quiz thing... it knows what im doing i am severly scared someone help me

yes screw this paragraph.. umm so yes it all began when i was a kid growing up in the bronx i had to raise myself in the streets is this long enough oh great computer man?

Created by: You suck, yes i mean you

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Well beacause this is a website quiz... whats ur favorite color?
  2. What music do you like?
  4. What lyric do you like?
  5. OH YESS!!!
  6. Do you know what MMORPG stands for?
  7. Are you currently wearing Abercrombie?
  8. Are you an open minded, sexual person
  9. Y did u take this quiz
  10. BOOOO!!!!!!

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Quiz topic: Am I Amazing?