The Adventures at Hogwarts

Sorry this part isn't that great. Staytund for more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!¡!!!¡¡!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡!!!!!¡!!!!!!¡!!¡!¡!!!!! Each part is a different year inyour life at Hogwarts. The results dont really make sense but who cares.sorry!

Created by: chaz55

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  1. First off, your name is Greg/Mary (depending on what gender you are) and this quiz takes you through the years of Hogwarts. But there is no Harry, Ron or Hermione. That happened hundreds of years ago. And also ... wait a minute just take the quiz and see what happens ...
  2. The sound of rain was keeping you up all night, even though it was a big sound. You were trying different sleeping positions. Nothing helped. You glance at your clock and look at the time. 11:58 p.m. Two more minutes you think. Then it's my birthday.
  3. Thunder. One more minute. Lightning, it's your birthday. The sound of rain stopped. You're a little freaked.
  4. You hear a big crash in your living room. You run out of your bed and you don't believe your eyes. A big man, about 9 feet tall is standing there with an umbrella in front of you.
  5. "Ay Greg/Mary. I'm Hagrid. Ian Hagrid. Maybe you've heard of my ancester, Rubeus Hagrid?" he says. "Why are you in my house?" you ask him. "Greg/Mary, you're a wizard/witch."
  6. Time flashes by so quickly. First you're in Diagon Alley, where you get a 9' 1/2 inch Hawthorn wand. Then you go to Platform 9 and 3/4. You see a few other boys/girls running through the wall! You decide to do the same. You run through and the most amazing looking train (bright red) is in front of you.
  7. You say good-bye to your parents and with a tear in your eye, walk away. You walk into a compartment with a few kids in it. They introduce themselves and you say "Hi. I'm Greg/Mary. Nice to meet you:"
  8. You get to know each other and bond for a while until it turns to night and you arrive at Hogwarts. You finally get there.
  9. When it's time for the sorting ceremony, you're the last one :(. Alex/Brianna is in Gryffindor, Joel/Morgan is in Hufflepuff, Emma/Tyler is in Ravenclaw and Allie/Seth is in Slytherin. Which one do you want to be in? (choose one)
  10. Your name is called and you walk up to the stool. You sit down and the words that are called are ...
  12. The hat shouts out "RAVENCLAW" and you go skip to your seat next to Tyler/Emma.
  13. FLASH FORWARD: It's Halloween. you're having an amazing time at the feast. Then your Professor Drest sprints into the Great Hall and screams out TROLL! EVERYONE BEWARE! Everyone starts screaming. You:
  14. You decide to go with Tyler/Emma to go try to fight the troll. You search for it for a while but finally you find it ... With Seth/Allie in it's arms. You:
  15. As the days go by, it becomes Christmas. All your friends go home for Christmas but you don't so you're very bored. During Christmas, there are Quidditch tryouts. You are a:
  16. As the time goes on there is only one month of school. Then Remus Dumbledore, the headmaster, tells you that the philospher's stone is hidden somewhere in the castle and that a professor is tryingto steal it and that you need to protect it.
  17. Your friend Morgan/Joel finds the hideout and you decide to invite Alex/Brianna and go in. Your first mission is to get out of Devil's Snare. Of course, Joel/Morgan, being the smartest, finds a way to get out. You run ahead a little and find a chess board. While playing chess, Joel/Morgan and Alex/Brianna have to sacrifice themselves for you to be able to move on. You:
  18. You finally get check mate and walk on along with your Hawthorn wand out in frontof you. You walk on to find out that the professor is:
  19. It's Drest. You see him holding the philosophers stone in one hand and his wand in the other. "Expelliarmus" you scream, "Stupefy". He loses his wand and then is thrown back the philosophers stone is right front of you. You grab it and without thinking you destroy it. You scream and then goes black.
  20. You wake up in the hospital wing of the castle and Professor Dumbledore is next to you. He tells you about what happened and then he leaves. You go to sleep without a worry.
  21. The rest of school goes by very quickly. You finally get home from the best year of your life.
  22. Come back next time for Year 2 p.2

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