The 2014 ROBLOX quiz!

Alright, read this, people! This quiz will test you if you know most of the basics on ROBLOX. Do this quiz to see if you have potential or not! If you don't know some or most of the questions, go to ROBLOX. Make an account. Actually see what the site is about.

Let us see if you have the average ROBLOX-Ian mind or not! Even if you don't get a high score on the site, go play some ROBLOX (unless you have something important stuff to attend to.)!

Created by: Scatmanfan
  1. Are you egg-cited to take this quiz?
  2. Alright, question 1. Who is the first friend you get when making a ROBLOX account?
  3. How do you get in a paid access game?
  4. How many basic terrains can you use while making a world?
  5. What is a limited U item?
  6. What is a limited item? And no, this question is different.
  7. Is there a game on roblox that features guns?
  8. Has there ever been a game on ROBLOX that is a recreation if a television show?
  9. Has there ever been a kart racing game like mario kart on ROBLOX?
  10. Alright, semi-final question: What is the difference between Tickets and Robux?
  11. Final Question! Is it possible to make a clan, or group?

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