How well do you know about Roblox?

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Roblox is a popular sandbox platform that allows creators to make games and experiences since the mid-2000s. That means there's a lot you can learn or not.

This quiz has seventeen questions to answer. They cover from the community and some history, you might know some, or not. I won't judge, wait, will I?

Created by: Kenneth
  1. What was not a precursor name to Roblox?
  2. What was the stock price when Roblox went public on the stock market? This was rounded, so be careful about that.
  3. Who is the Roblox user that got the April Fools 2012 smiley face?
  4. What was not a currency for Roblox at any time since its creation and the quiz's publish date?
  5. How did the popular web-group that makes mostly Minecraft and Roblox gameplays, "The Pals", disbanded?
  6. What was an option for Builders Club, but got removed?
  7. What was not an April Fools joke that Roblox or its developers pulled on its users?
  8. After the Roblox Forums were removed, what was an alternative that Roblox provided when going to the forums link.
  9. What was the name of the holiday events before the, oh so boring, "Holiday Giveaway".
  10. Where was the famous death sound came from before Roblox?
  11. Who was the Roblox equivalent to the Minecraft Myth, Herobrine?
  12. Which is not a developer that never stored other user's content for their own personal gain?
  13. What is the term for content you can find on the Toolbox?
  14. What was the first non-moderator account to join roblox?
  15. What is something that you can't get your account deleted for itself?
  16. Which of the following, is not a company that sued Roblox?
  17. What is Ruben Sim's real name?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know about Roblox?