What Breed In A Wolf Pack Are You?

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Hello and welcome to my quiz!I am only 11yrs old (surprisingly I know a lot about wolfs well they are my favourite animals) so sorry if there was any mistakes!

Hello...there lol follow me on ROBLOX my username is hell_othere101 this is my second account XxWolfyTheGamerWolf lol Idk wut to do now SOMEONE HELP ME WITH MY BORDOM PLZ NVM

Created by: Saarah

  1. What Is Your Favourite Colour?
  2. What If Your Favourite Food
  3. How Old Are You?
  4. When Was You Born?
  5. What Do You Have For Breakfast?
  6. What Colour Are Your Eyes
  7. What Religion Are You?
  8. What Is Your Original Hair Colour?
  9. What Is Your Gender?
  10. What Animal Do You Like More Out Of These

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Quiz topic: What Breed In A Wolf Pack am I?