The #1 Eminem Fan Quiz

This is a quiz about Eminem to see if you're a real fan like me. Eminem is my favorite rapper and i was sick of people saying they know a lot about him when they didn't even know his real name or only knew raps off his new album. Those people were kind of posers.

Now we'll see if you're a true Eminem fan or just a big poser. You think you got all these questions? Lets see if you can do it in the #1 Eminem fan quiz!!! (follow me on Twitter if you wanna do some more Eminem trivia or learn some Eminem facts @EminemFacts101)

Created by: #1 Slim Shady Fan
  1. What is Eminem's full name?
  2. How did Eminem come up with his rap name? (Eminem is the rap name)
  3. When was Eminem born?
  4. What was Eminem's very first album called?
  5. Where is Eminem from?
  6. What does "313" mean in Eminem's raps?
  7. What Eminem rap is about a man doing suicide?
  8. Who is Eminem's ex-wife?
  9. Who is Eminem's mom?
  10. What is the skit, "The Kiss" about?
  11. In his rap, "25 to Life" what is he talking about?
  12. Who was Eminem's best friend that died? (if you want, follow me on Twitter for more Eminem facts & Eminem trivia. @EminemFacts101)

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