How well do you know Eminem?

There are many rap fan, but very few eminem true fans. A true eminem fan is a person who has followed em since day one of his career. You know every album ever released, what order they were released and when they were released and what songs are on each album. Are you up to the challenge?

Are you a true eminem fan? If you think you are then take this quiz. Do you think you know everything about Eminem? then this quiz is perfect for you.

Created by: Bill
  1. choose the correct order of albums released.
  2. choose the correct order of the "relapse" singles in order of when they were released.
  3. which song dissed mariah carrey and nick cannon?
  4. What is Eminems' daughters name?
  5. Which was a secret song?
  6. what size shoe does em wear.
  7. what is "layin all over the floor" in 3 a.m.?
  8. In the song "Girls" eminem disses whom?
  9. song that come right after deja vu?
  10. which song has the most cuss words?
  11. what is the song that disses Christopher Reeves?
  12. Who signed Eminem?
  13. What is the first word in the song "Deja Vu"?
  14. Which gang is Eminem in?
  15. who doesnt have beef with eminem
  16. "come on ____ you were supposed to be on that song"
  17. song about his abusive stepdad
  18. Where was em born?
  19. What did Em's mom feed him? i.e. "my mom loved ______ and lots..."
  20. Which song did Eminem use the 'autotone' in?
  21. When was "Relapse" released?
  22. When was the R-up released?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Eminem?