Thank you GTQ Family

This is for the many people that i know, love, and care for :) and if i havent put your name here but i know you come and beat me up!!!!!


Created by: Kierra_LOVE

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  1. *taps on glass*Attention, may i have your attention please?
  2. Thank you...This isnt something that i do everyday...but its about time i did. Time to be thankful for my GTQ Family, Im so glad i came to this site.
  3. To Moonblade(jessi), You are one of a kind. A beautiful, smart, creative, and a bit crazy, human being. When i met you i was kinda shy but you helped me get over that. I have no idea if you remember. I remember our first soaps, you as Elizabeth and me as Ashley...and with another me as Zipporah and i forgot your character name(sorry) it was great...until someone killed the fun. But we brought that fun back by restarting with fresh new soaps that we are doing now. You are like a sister to me. You and i think almost alike except when it comes to guys -_- but we still care for eachother :3 love ya Jessiness
  4. To Dragon(Sara)You are a sweet girl, one of a kind, i remember when i first met you. we didnt talk to eachother at first until we realized on how much we found eachother really funny. You my friend have great sence of humor. I do wish we had more ttime to talk like we use to. You are very special :3
  5. To Alejandro, you are ignorant, hilarious, sweet, and odd at the same as a cyberbrother is abit odd at times of course because i atempt to kill you online xD and you being a man stripper.....yeah....uhh....awkward anyways im glad i have met you you are truly one in a million(literally lol) and you maybe odd...but its avery good odd too :) now...*pulls out flamables*
  6. To Skatterbrain(Ken)You are one of the most funniest guys i have met on here. We always seem to agree on things when it comes to movies. I love that you always want someone to feel happy and not the opposite. You maybe older than all of us but you have a childlike heart, and very sweet. Glad that i have met you.
  7. To Angelic(Mitchy) You are a very helpful person, you love to help everyone with their problems and to give advice. I mean you helping me with my problem with Robert, i cant thank you enough. You are a beautiful girl, special, creative. Even though we live on different sides of the earth, we are still close. Im glad that i have met you....even though you thought i was my uncle LOL
  8. To NitroTails(Levi) we dont talk much...but we do seem to have a friendship. You are a great person, understanding, you are very sweet too. you dont like it when someone is treated badly, you are good at soaping. and how i see are very generous. Im glad that i met you. you are also like a little brother to me :3
  9. To Blueness, lol my(not really) cousin. Gave us quite a scare into almost thinking that we might be cousins haha...sadly we werent. You are a very cool gal! you care about alot of people you want to make sure that they know that too. I wish i was that caring. Your like a cousin i never had(XD)LOVE YOU HUN! and i hope to see you again soon :3 we all miss you
  10. Now please know that i might not include everyone so. I will start now... To Everyone That I love as family. I love you dearly, I have never met anyone as wonderful as you. I do not care where you live or what you are...whether your, african, british, irish, american, emo, punk, skater, casual, I LOVE YOU ALL! I'm so glad that you are in my life and I cant wait what the future holds for us. This maybe short, but just know that I love you all. Words cant describe how much you guys mean to me. Thank you.
  11. So I now end this speech, with a joyous heart. With tears of joy, I now say to thee. Thank you, my GTQ Family for the Love. Thank you

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