Test your social skills: Interacting with blind people

Too many negative and misleading stereo types hinder productivity in society for everyone. This quiz will test you as well as inform you about the basics of blindness and how to interact with blind people.

This test will let you know if you buy into the stereo types or independetly seek the truth. Once you've got the facts, you can advance. This test can be taken by anyone.

Created by: sms83
  1. Always treat blind people as just another person as they simply do things differently.
  2. Bear in mind that blind people treat their dogs and canes as extensions of their bodies. Never distract a work animal from their job or touch, move or grab a cane without the owners permission.
  3. Identify yourself and others who may be with you when meeting someone who is blind. When conversing in a group, remember to identify the person to whom you are speaking. Never talk to a third party who might be with them.
  4. If you offer assistance; wait until the offer is accepted. Then listen or ask for instructions.
  5. It is okay to touch or grab a blind person in efforts to assist.
  6. It is okay to place an item in their pockets or grab an item of theirs in efforts to assist.
  7. It is okay to clap point, repeat, or sing when attempting to guide a blind person.
  8. Always be consistent and specific when you are describing things and giving directions.
  9. It is okay to do things for them such as basic things they can do like serving themselves, finding things, getting things, carrying things, etc. in efforts to assist.
  10. It is okay to shout to a blind person to ensure they hear you.
  11. It is okay to use common expressions such as See you later or Did you hear about this that seems to relate to a person who is blind.
  12. Avoid stigmatizing words such as handy-capped. Blind people do not use that word in reference to themselves and few sighted people use it.
  13. Many blind individuals go as far to avoid the word disabled as it does not accurately describe them.
  14. Blind people are segregated much like blacks were in history.
  15. Blind people are still fighting for civil liberties, equality and respect just as the womens movement and still do today.
  16. The proper name for the tool in which blind people use to navigate effectively, independently and safely is called a cane.
  17. Blind people are amazing because they are blind and yet do exactly the same things sighted people do.
  18. 76% of blind people are unemployed.
  19. There are some things blind people can not do such as driving a car or flying a plane independently.
  20. ACB, unlike NFB is an organization that welcomes both totally blind and partially blind alike with no prejudice.

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Quiz topic: Test my social skills: Interacting with blind people