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  • Andrew Johnson was indeed impeached, as was Bill Clinton. Neither president was convicted, but they didn't have to be convicted for it to count as impeachment.

    As for who was president when the south seceeded, the most correct answer is probably Buchanan, as most of the southern states seceded shortly after Lincoln won the election in the fall of 1860. Lincoln did not become president until January of 1861, however.

    The argument could be made that the South did not really secede until Virginia seceded, since it was the most populous southern state (and the birthplace of Robert E. Lee) and the war likely wouldn't have happened on anywhere near the same scale if it had stayed in the union. Virginia's secession happened in 1861 when Lincoln was president but this line of reasoning is a bit of a stretch.

  • Questions 8 and 9 have incorrect answers.

    Polk, not Harrison, is the correct answer for question 8, as he was a Democrat.

    The correct answer for question 9 is Buchanan. The sessesions began with South Carolina's in December 1860. Buchanan remained in office until March 4, 1861, when Lincoln was inaugurated. Seven of the 11 southern States had left by then. Pierce, your "correct " answer, was long -gone from the scene, having left office on March 4, 1857.

    Also, Reagan is not even close to being the president running up the largest deficit. Both Bush 43 and Obama have eclipsed his record into relative insignificance.

  • The deficit question is long outdated. The correct answer is Barrack Obama, but that's not even an option.

    I know my early US history pretty well. After the civil war... my knowledge is about the equivalent of crap. There were a few recent history questions I was able to get correct, just from watching the news. I guess I'm taking US history since 1865 next semester!

  • You should be ashamed of yourself. In Question 8 you ask which of these presidents was not a Whig. You incorrectly said William Henry Harrison. I answered correctly, with James Knox Polk, who was a Democrat. I know this is correct because two questions earlier, you asked who was the first Whig president and the correct answer was William Henry Harrison.

  • Several questions are wrong.

    8. Which president was not a Whig? The answer is James K. Pol (Democrat) not, as the answer key suggests, William Henry Harrison, the first Whig president.

    9. Who was president when the South seceded from the Union? This is an impossible question to answer. James Buchanan was president during the winter of 1860-62 when the first seven states of the Confederacy (SC, GA, FL, TX, MS, AL, and LA) seceded. Abraham Lincoln was President just after the bombing of Ft. Sumter in April 1861 when the last four Confederate states (VA, TN, NC, and AR) followed suit. The answer provided--Franklin Pierce--is completely off base, since he left the presidency in 1857, four years before the Civil War started.

    17. Which president did not seek re-election, only to come back four years later to challenge his former V.P., who had since become president? The answer provided--the only answer that makes sense--is Theodore Roosevelt. He did indeed turn down a second elected term in 1908 and practically anointed William Howard Taft his successor--and then ran against him for president in 1912. But Taft was not TR's Vice President (that was the very famous Charles Fairbanks, namesake of the city in Alaska); Taft in fact had been military governor of the Philippines before becoming in rather rapid succession TR's Secretary of War, presidential successor, and incumbent opponent.

  • Before you go and insult others for not doing so great you should check your answers. Quite a few of them were wrong. For example, #10. Andrew Johnson was NOT impeached, he was acquitted in the Senate by one vote. Do some history checking, bud.

  • Yea, and lets not forget it was actually FDR who took off most of the gold standard, not Richard Nixon. I know I know my presidents very well. This is either a biased quiz, or the person did not check their sources.

  • i got an E. this was really hard, and how does not knowing a bunch of trivia about the presidents make me a bad citizen? a good us citizen likes and supports thier country, participates in jury duty and other such community services, votes, is a responsible neighbor, etc.

  • I'm a good citizen, but that doesn't mean I need to have read every president's biography. I have a basic knowledge with some more extended bits, that's enough for what I do.

  • Abe Lincoln was president when the south seceded. I also got the questions about the sitting pres who came in third place correct. I AM A HISTORY TEACHER! Obviously, you are not!

  • By the way some of you who are disputing these questions are wrong also. Check out when the presidents were in office before trying to help!

  • I got 50%... but I'm not even American, I live in New Zealand... and even I knew that some of your 'correct answers' were wrong... heck, in some questions the actual correct answer wans't even an option!

  • Do you realize Chiksita that the people of the counties you stated are probably much smarter than you? At least they can spell the english language properly.

  • Yeah, what Baronius said, ya LOSER! Go back to India or Pakistan or Russia or Japan or Mexico or GOD FORBID, Canada iffen YOU can't learn what's good fer ye, little lady.

  • I dont know a lot about government

  • seems like youa re the dumb one. the presiden with the lowest approval rating ever was actually Warren G. Harding.

  • o.0 bit harsh izt it oh wellz dont care

  • we r just 14 and we got a 100 on r prezez....WE R SMART!!!!

  • WEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEE! I GOT 28% XD Well, I guess the Mexicans should be allowed in.


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