Test Your HArd Rock IQ

This is for the hard rocker/Metal heads test to gain at least rock fun fact book.Maybe this well let you show off to your friends,family co-workers?The questions range from Facts about the people to facts about the bands

So Do you know the men,the bands that facts? have you seen the shows read the books SEEN the life?The hardships the People the drugs the answers? This thing as for alot in terms of a second paragraph so im going to ramble for a minute.

Created by: adam

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  1. Who Was The Guitarist on Metallicas debut-Kill em all
  2. Why Did Led Zepplin Break up?
  3. How Many Members have been in Iron Maiden
  4. Who was Ac/Dc's original front man
  5. How Many Singers has Van Halen Had and name the right order
  6. Where Did Metallica Bassist Cliff Burton die?
  7. Which of these is not a Def Leppard Album
  8. Rob Halford is gay True or False
  9. What Band had the message "What ho,' said the monster with the three heads, 'don't meddle with things you don't understand" that can only be heard when the song is played backwards
  10. What is Eddie Van Halens name for his brand of Peavey guitars
  11. How many vocalaists has Black Sabbath had
  12. Where is Dream Theater Vocalist Kevin James LaBrie from
  13. What Band Has Ronnie James Dio not been in
  14. What Is cookie monster vocals?
  15. How Did Rhandy Rhoads die
  16. Who on this list has not had or been on a realaty tv show?
  17. How many times has Motley crue Bassists Nikki Sixx Almost fully die from heroin
  18. When Did UFO form
  19. What was the Fake Deep Purple?
  20. who is Snaggletooth a mascot of?
  21. What seems to be the age of rock star death?

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Quiz topic: Test my HArd Rock IQ