Test your basic maths skills

Millions of adults are clueless about basic maths - with even the number of inches in a foot leaving many stumped, a recent study revealed. Take our quiz to find out how good your basic maths skills are.

Do you know your 12 times table - or the square root of four? Why not test yourself in our basic maths quiz - it will only take a minute (that's 60 seconds by the way).

Created by: Blueb1rd5 of Cornish Guardian
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  1. What is 6x7?
  2. What is 8x12?
  3. What is 25% of 240?
  4. If you had 126 sweets and had to share them equally between seven people, how many sweets would each person have?
  5. Which of these is a prime number?
  6. Which of these is a square number?
  7. How many inches are there in a foot?
  8. What is the square root of 144?
  9. What is 2 cubed?
  10. If you had 190 sweets and 40% were taken away, how many would you be left with?

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Quiz topic: Test my basic maths skills