Terri Farley Phantom Stallion (2)

This is the sequel to my quiz: Terri Farley Phantom Stallion (1) and you should probably take that one before you take this one!! Please Enjoy!!!!!!!!

Well now, Lets see how well you do with THIS quiz! It may be a tad easier but its adding up to the ULTIMATE test with the hardest questions EVER!!!!!!

Created by: Samantha Jackson
  1. What is the crazy horse from book 13 named?
  2. In number 14, Why do Zanziber and his son New Moon unite?
  3. What is Ryan's colt and Mare's names
  4. What happens to Zanzibar in book 16
  5. What is the mystery mare's name?
  6. What is Firefly's owners name?
  7. Who does Bayfire look like?
  8. Who is Blue wings a present to?
  9. The palomino mare who is the phantom's lead mare is what?
  10. Who injured The Lead mare?

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