Terri Farley Phantom Stallion (1)

Many people read. This quiz is about the first half of a series of horse books by Terri Farley called Phantom Stallion. The main carachter is Sam, who was the phantoms owner

Do YOU think YOU have what it takes to awnser all the question are you -gasps- an ULTIMATE fan???? Find out in this fantastic first installment quiz!

Created by: Samantha Jackson
  1. Why did Samantha move to San Fransisco?
  2. What is the rustlers name who use Dark Sunshine to capture mustangs?
  3. What are Mrs. Allens 3 old horses names?
  4. How many mustangs did Mrs Allen adopt?
  5. name the blind foal and the gelding whho thinks hes a stallion.
  6. Who is rodeo contractor who captures The Phantom to use as a Rodeo horse?
  7. What is Sams project called in book 9?
  8. Who is the big horse who Ace bites?
  9. What is the Pinto filly's name that Jake catches and tames?
  10. What is Sunny's foals name?

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