Terraria Boss Quiz

Hello there! Do you think you know about bosses in Terraria so you can take a quiz? Well, let's test your luck! I'm Quinn, and I will be your host today.

Now, this is like a normal quiz, just Terraria-based. The more questions you get correct, the more points you will earn. Try to aim for a one hundred!

Created by: Quinn

  1. How do you spawn Eye of Cthulhu?
  2. Fill in the blank: Destroyer, ___ _____, Skeletron Prime.
  3. How many pre-hardcore bosses are there?
  4. What boss is an enormous slime?
  5. True or false. Brain of Cthulhu can only spawn in Crimson.
  6. The Eater of Worlds resembles which enemy?
  7. What are the two ways to Spawn Queen Bee?
  8. What spawns the Wall of Flesh?
  9. What happens when you beat Wall of Flesh?
  10. How many segments does the Destroyer have?
  11. What should you kill first what battling the Twins?
  12. Fill in the blank: Skeletron Prime has a cannon, saw, laser and a ____
  13. What color is Planters?
  14. Where do you find Golem
  15. How do you spawn Ocram?
  16. After beating Golem, where do you find Lunatic Cultist?
  17. What is the maximum number of phases Duke Fishron can have?
  18. What rebuff does a Skeletron head give you?

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