Terraria Quiz to prove you are not dumb with terraria

About the console version of Terraria in 1.3 (Xbox one and ps4) Good Luck!!!And Have an amazing Incredible time!!!Anyways Go have fun and see if your smart

Check out my youtube channel and plz love this quiz!!!And by the way, this quiz has some question that are related to mods.So please take this quiz if you know Terraria mods to...

Created by: Cole

  1. Who is the first Boss people would normally fight first
  2. Which of the bosses listed below are one of the mechanical bosses
  3. what mod allows you to summon any boss
  4. Which of the bosses below are from the frost moon
  5. Which of the following is from console Terraria but it is getting removed in the 1.3 patch
  6. Which is the strongest weapon from Duke Fishron
  7. which of the two mods has Calamatas in it
  9. Do You Love this quiz so far
  10. Which of the list of weapons is the starter one
  11. Duke Fishron vs Plantera
  12. True or false,You can get a firey greatsword from The Wall Of Flesh
  13. True or False, Ocram will be getting removed from ALL consoles (WiiU, Xbox 360, Xbox one, Switch, etc.)
  14. Is Xbox 360 gonna get 1 .3 and have Ocram removed
  15. Did you love this quiz

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