Teenager Posts - How Much Can You Relate?

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Teenager Posts are all about the things teens do and quotes of different stuffies. It somehow shows everything you can relate to in your everyday life! And it kinda describes your whole life using mere words!

Amazing right? So, do you think you can somehow relate to all if not some of the posts in this quiz? Then wait no more! And one last thing, please do comment and rate. Thanks.

Created by: Vira Dash
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  1. -Teenager Post #21229- I think 60% of my life consists of me laughing at myself.
  2. -Teenager Post #21228- Mirror: aw, you look cute today Camera: LOL,no.
  3. -Teenager Post #21227- "This video is not available in your country." "OMG, where do I come from then? Narnia?"
  4. -Teenager Post #21223- You hate me? Wow, so much in common already.
  5. -Teenager Post #21218- Basically if you talk to me past midnight I have a lot of feelings and it's weird.
  6. -Teenager Post #21213- The best things in life have the most calories.
  7. -Teenager Post #21212- How do you even start dating your crush? How does that happen to someone?
  8. -Teenager Post #21209- *me after eating a healthy meal* : I wonder how much weight I've lost.
  9. -Teenager Post #21208- me: do your homework me: no
  10. -Teenager Post #21190- Do you find it weird that you've known your parents for your entire life but they've only known you for a portion of theirs.
  11. -Teenager Post #21185- *teacher hands you test paper* "Sorry I'm not interested."
  12. -Teenager Post #21181- In science class. 1%: Learning 99%: Thinking about how people found out all of this stuff ...

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