teenage luv ~part 5~

Sorry some people arent really in this one like dion and nik. The main characters for this one are sage, phillip and jack. I still hopw you enjoy it, i havent made one in agges coz of homework and school (its really annoying) but still enjoy and give me YOUR ideas :).

the guys: harry-shy,kind, cute and gets jealus easily,terquise eyes,freckles,dark brown hair. sage- independent, lovable,cute, HOT, green eyes, black hair with a swept fringe. nik- smart,mean when his angry or sad, very friendly once he gets to know people or when his happy, light brown hair, brown eyes. phillip- friendly,nice,cute, brown hair with 3 blonde streaks in his fringe, hazel eyes. dion-browny-orange hair with a swept fringe like sages and hazel eyes.

Created by: Shannon

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  1. "hi _______ im jack" says jack as his standing in the shade of a tree "i've heard alot about you.." he begins to say as he walks closer and closer towards you.
  2. His really close to you and then he suddenly kisses you, but during the middle of it Phillip walks past while your stuggling to get away. Phillip runs over and yells at jack "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" and punches him unconscience.
  3. Then phillip walks over to you "thanks so much phillip! Do you know who he is though?" he gazes into your eyes and smiles "umm phillip?" you say "ohh umm yea i know jack i met him in one of my classes at school, but he moved to another school and i hadnt seen him after that and he has always been a bit of a pedo.." he says, you start giggling and then he suddenly leans in and kisses you.
  4. After he stops kissing you he says "______, your so beautiful i really do love you" "nawwww how cutie" you think but then jack gets up and starts running towards phillip. What are you gunna do?!
  5. "Umm phillip" you begin to say but before you know it jack pushes him to the ground, lucky enough you punch him the face and he too falls to the ground. You run to phillips aid and help him up and leave the park with him "oh yea ______ i have to go" he says urgently and he hobbles off.
  6. You say good bye to phillip as he hobbles away and then turn to jack who is holding his bleeding face, the first thing you say to him is "hey jack.." he turns to you still holding his face and says "hi" back to you "dont you ever hurt my friends or i will hurt you" you say in a very serious matter, and walk away thinking about your friends. As you now are about 3 streets away from your house and skipping merrily along you turn a corner into the next street and notice sage.. with a girl..
  7. As you start walking down the street a little further you see them together... kissing.. "Why sage? why?" you say to him and walk away teary eyed.
  8. He runs after you and says "no _______ you dont understand its all a mis-understanding!" "It sure was a mis-understanding going out with you.." as you begin to cry you turn around and see the girl that he is with she has hazel eyes and and very light brown hair and a lovely smile. "You would be better out going with her" and you point to the girl that he was with "no no _______ i love you and not her". Do you believe him?
  9. The next day at school as you walk into the school nearly everyone is staring at you, except of course, your friends. First of all you run up to harry and give him a huge hug and begin to cry "_______ its okay some things arent meant to be.. i know you can be strong _______" he says and then give you a soft kiss on the forehead.
  10. After this the bell of course goes and your off to history, on your way there of course you spot..

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